Estate planning is critical for protecting your interests during your lifetime and preserving your legacy after you’re gone. An estate planning strategy helps to ensure that important legal documents, including a living will and durable powers of attorney are in place, and assets will be transferred in a tax-efficient manner following your death.providing a legacy kit for your family

But it doesn’t end there. Think about what would happen if you suddenly became incapacitated. Would family members know where to find important financial
and legal documents, know how household bills are paid, or what types of medical treatments you do or do not want? That’s where a legacy kit can help.

A legacy kit is essentially a roadmap that loved ones can follow to carry out your wishes now, and after you’re gone. The AdviceWorks® client portal makes it easy to get started creating your kit. AdviceWorks is a secure vault for your personal documents and information that live in the cloud and can be accessed 24/7. You decide what information to include and who the information can be shared with. As you build your legacy kit, consider uploading the following items to your secure online vault:

• Estate planning documents: will, trust, healthcare and durable powers of attorney, etc.
• Financial account statements: bank, credit union, investments, loans, credit cards, etc.
• Insurance policies: life, disability, long-term care, auto, property & casualty, etc.
• Other documents: birth certificate, passport, marriage and driver’s licenses, military
service records, vehicle titles, property deeds, lease agreements, etc.
• List of healthcare providers and prescription drugs; copies of insurance cards
• Contact information for financial, legal, and tax professionals
• Tax returns (copies of most recent two years)
• Account passwords for financial, medical, retail, social media, and other online accounts
• List of your income sources: employment, Social Security, pension, real estate, etc.
• Instructions on how bills are currently paid and out of which accounts
• End of life care and preferences: medical treatments and long-term care; celebration of
life services; funeral, burial and/or cremation preferences; any pre-paid services
• Information you would like included in your obituary related to your family, education,
military service, career, volunteer activities, achievements and awards, religious
organizations, or other affiliations
• Inventory of items you intend to pass down to specific family members, friends, or
• Personal letter(s) to loved ones

Once you’ve built your legacy kit, make sure that those you have appointed to manage your affairs if you are unable to do so yourself know how to access this information. Be sure to update your kit contents regularly or whenever information changes. To learn more about the AdviceWorks secure online vault, or strategies for protecting your interests, assets, and loved ones, contact us to schedule a time to talk.

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